Now's your chance to complete a whole semester of college in 1 day. Book a 6-hour session at your home or on Skype. If you are outside of Chicagoland area, you will be bi...
9 College Credits in 1 Day
6 hr.

Complete 1 college semester in 6 hours with this mini program bundle from Jump the Education Barrier. When you are finished with this 1-on-1 live session taught by our experts, you will have earned 9 college credits. The courses that are included in this mini-session are offered and accredited by ACE, the American Council on Education. The courses that are included in this bundle are:

  • Interpersonal Communication

  • Environmental Ethics

  • Conflict Resolution, Teamwork, and Success


These courses are transferrable to nearly all public and private colleges and universities. Jump the Education Barrier only provides the guidance you need to start and finish these self-paced college courses in 6 hours. This session is booked on your schedule! At a traditional college or university, these courses typically cost $850 each and take 16 weeks to complete. Our program condenses the total cost to $1450 and down to 6 hours. What are you waiting for? Chat with us if you have questions. Book it now!