Strategies to Eliminate Burnout

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This is an encouraging post about the strategies to eliminate burnout. Burnout happens when people get into the need to keep going because they know that time is in short supply and there are deadlines, so we tend to want to complete something asap. Burnout can begin as a result of problems, and they can cause a lot of problems. Here are several strategies to prevent and get rid of burnout.

1. Get motivated.

Many times burnout happens when you are working on autopilot and you don't like what you're doing. Try to find the fun in the task that's causing stress, whether that means getting a friend involved, asking for clear directions, or getting inspiration from other projects completed by other people. Find the fun in your project and get comfortable working on it. For example, if you're learning a scientific concept, think of something funny so you can remember that instead of stressing on short time you have to learn the information.

2. Take up fitness.

Fitness is actually a good form of therapy and allows you to recharge. Now remember, you have to find a form of fitness that works for you. Again, you have to find something that you love to do for your health. Choose a hobby such as biking, running, boating, swimming, walking, or hiking. Build a regimen and then come back to the situation with a clear head and a better perspective. Maybe you only needed a break and when you come back to it, you can handle the situation much better than before.

3. Ask yourself questions and create a plan.

Find out if this situation is really as stressful as it appears. Most of the time the frantic sense of dread is not actually reflective of the situation and the anxiety is the issue that's actually causing harm. A certain percentage of choices that we make are absolutely crucial. If the right choice isn't made, then serious damage results. At the same time, there are situational dilemmas that are perceived to be the end of the road, but in reality they are not as serious as they're puffed up to be. These situations create unnecessary butterflies in the stomach, but once the problem is resolved, it doesn't amount to a hill of beans later on.

4. Take a timeout and get support.

This is not a call to procrastinate. Instead, it is advice to briefly step away from the situation and get support from someone who is an expert, who you value such as family member or friend. Instead of attempting to resolve the issue on your own and getting burnt out, get wise advice and take a break. When you come back to it a little while later, you should be able to make a better decision instead of rushing to make a quick decision.

5. Get back in the drawing board.

Reconsider your current approach to the issue. Sometimes the strategy is to reconsider your strategy. If you take a different approach, you could reach the goal you have and move on to other things.

6. Persist.

Sometimes the resistance that's causing the burnout is a wall you have to break through until it's finished. For example, if an assignment is causing you stress, just get it done. You'll be glad it's over with.

To recap, the six strategies to eliminate burnout are: 1) get motivated, 2) take up fitness, 3) ask yourself questions and create a plan, 4) take a timeout to get support, 5) get back to the drawing board, and 6) persist and get it done.

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