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A Brief Bio of Dr. Thessalonika, Jump the Education Barrier Program Founder

After completing a Bachelor in Psychology at 14 years old, a MBA at 16 years old, and a Ph.D. at 18 years old, Dr. Thessalonika started Jump the Education Barrier program.


Our very unique programs and resources successfully weave education routes for you that combines the right components to offer guaranteed credit pathways to accredited degree programs.

Our Approach

At Jump the Education Barrier, we are committed to providing our students with the tools they need to succeed. Our goal is to offer guidance and strategies to condense the education journey so you can focus on what's important - whether that's getting started in your field of interest or moving up your career ladder.

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Email: info@jumptheeducationbarrier.com

Tel: 877-338-5867

Address: 358 W. Ontario St., 3W

Chicago, IL 60654


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